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Farms and Jamon Pools

Farms incentivize users to provide liquidity for your trading pair by distributing JAMON to your pair's LP Token holders.

Jamon Pools are a way of distributing your tokens to Polygon users who stake JAMON in the pool.

Your stake will get more JAMON tokens that will be added to your token.

JamonSwap Pool

How much is the commission?

The commission is 0.1% unstaking fee until 3 days and your performance fee varies depending on the amount of tokens in stake.

What’s the difference between a Auto JAMON VS Manual JAMON

The Auto JAMON does compounding with the generated tokens.

Manual JAMON generates new tokens that can be collected.

What’s the difference between a Core Farm VS Farm Auction

A Core Farm is usually offered to projects who have shown excellent trading volumes on JamonSwap and have met the standards of our internal review process, while any project can participate in a Farm Auction and win a Farm slot.

What are the qualifying criteria for Community VS Core?

Qualifying criteria for Community Farms and Core Farms/Pools are based on our internal review process. We don’t publish them externally. If you’re not eligible for a Core Farm, we may invite you to apply for a Community Farm instead.

Can I get a larger Farm multiplier? Or can I extend my Jamon Pool and Farm?

If you’ve already got an on going Pool and Farm, you may be able to extend the timeline via a Boost Pool. If you wish to increase the multiplier, the team will consider it if 30-day volume is increased. Contact us via your existing JamonSwap communication channels for enquiries.

IFOs (Token Sales)

"IFO" (Initial Farm Offering) is a new model of token sale pioneered by JamonSwap. Here's how it works, in short:

  • Users buy your token with JAMON-MATIC LP tokens.

  • After the sale, we distribute the MATIC to you and burn the JAMON.

Listing on the Exchange

How can I list my token on the exchange?

Anybody can "list" any ERC-20 network token on JamonSwap. You don't need to contact us or ask permission. You just need to add liquidity to a liquidity pool - that's it. Traders can then trade your token by entering your token's contract address.

How can I add my token to the default list?

The top 100 list is generated according to the highest volume for a specific period of time. As for the Extended list: projects hosting Farms will usually be added, and other tokens chosen by JamonSwap core team may also be added.

We don’t take applications for these lists. Users can still add your token manually by entering its contract address.

How can I add my token's logo/icon?

Please add your icon to Trust Wallet’s assets repo, which JamonSwap references: github.

Someone made a fake copy of my token! Can you block it?

Due to JamonSwap’s nature as an AMM-based DEX, we’re not able to prevent the trading of any ERC-20 token. We recommend ensuring that your token contract is clearly visible and verifiable on your site, and educating your users about how to safely trade your token.

People get an error when trading my token. What can I do?

Check our Toubleshooting page for a list of common errors on the exchange, and how to solve them.

Something else

Please don't try to contact us via this email for customer support, that's not what it's for and we won't respond: your best option for getting help with the product is via the Telegram.


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